Fabio Roman was born in Switzerland in the middle of 1980 by emigrant parents. There, in a small town of the German Canton it spent its first seven years of life.


At seven his parents decide to return in Italy, and the little Fabio had to follow, loosing his friends and great part of his reference points. In Veneto, land of hills, historical villas and Prosecco wine Fabio try to fill up his life with new interests. His big curiosity and innate imagination helps a lot in this part of his life, characterised by research and discovery. 


When it was fourteen, during his first trip alone, Fabio received a gift from his beloved cousin. A Yashica FX-3 super 2000 opens to it a new and exciting world. It’s an old manual camera that needs to be used with great technique, tickle to think over the image you want to obtain and last but not least Fabio finally can impress over a sheet of solid board all the images flowing in his mind.


In those years, the well known Marco Glaviano, Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton and so on, portrayed the most beautiful women in the world,  Though He was very fascinated by the beautiful bodies appeared in coated magazines, Fabio’s first approach with the photography was exclusively with the silence of landscapes. Fabio indeed it’s very self-conscious and only several years later it will start to shoot his first real love, the woman’s body.

This happens when it was twenty-one: he meets who will become his wife and inspiraional muse, starting to travel around the world and shooting the Nude Art. In fact, regaining a reference point, Fabio now feels complete and free to follow his innate interests: eternalising the elegance of the woman’s body, revealing the volumes of shapes with lights and shadows, unveiling the skin and the hidden secrets between it.